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Singapore National Day Parade Rehearsal – Fireworks Display July 16 2011

Majulah!  – the word originated from Bahasa Melayu meaning – ‘Go forward’ or ‘Move forward’ has always been popular in Singapore during its National Day which dates August 9th. The word majulah is also known for Singapore’s anthem – ‘Majulah Singapura’ which translates to ‘Onward Singapore’.

Since Singapore’s national day is just around the corner, every weekend is a practice for many Singaporeans to showcase their parades, songs, among others to show tribute to their nation.

One amazing portion of the national day rehearsals is Singapore’s fireworks display which magnetizes many photo enthusiasts to capture the wildly array of colors in the lens of their camera.

I’m one of those photo enthusiasts. Even though I’m unfamiliar of using my Nikon D200 camera for this scene, I went to the fireworks rehearsal armed with my camera, a remote control, a tripod, a friend who is another photography geek, and lastly, a courage and hope that I can shoot the fireworks displays at least with a clear picture quality.

We’re lucky enough to take a place opposite the Marina Bay Sands where the fireworks are going to be held.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Fireworks Display.

Fireworks Display.

Here’s the photo set for this fireworks rehearsal.

I went to the fireworks rehearsal totally unprepared. But my camera somehow didn’t fail me.

I love my Nikon D200. 🙂

Til next time. Au revoir.

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A Farewell To KTM Railway In Tanjong Pagar

Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) Railway station in Tanjong Pagar Singapore is now closed in terms of railway operations.

The said intercity railway station between Malaysia and Singapore has been in operation from 1932 until June 30th 2011.

It’s sad even for a foreigner like to me to witnessed the closure of the train station. It’s a symbol of history – of bond – between Malaysia and Singapore.

On June 25th 2011 I had the opportunity to enter the historical train station and privileged enough to see the historical landmark under the lens of my camera.

The KTM Station at Tanjong Pagar, Singapore.

Symbolizing Agriculture – One of the pillars of Malaysia and Singapore economy.

Symbolizing Commerce – One of the pillars of Malaysia and Singapore economy.

Symbolizing Transport – One of the pillars of Malaysia and Singapore economy.

Symbolizing Industry – One of the pillars of Malaysia and Singapore economy.

The Four Symbol or pillars of Malaysia and Singapore economy.

In Bahasa Melayu, translated to English.

The Ticket Counter.

Arrival Platform.

Departure Platform.

The KTM Train.

The Rail Tracks.

His Inspection time.

Separation. Good bye. Adios. Hasta! In memoriam.

The Stain.

I will never forget this plant which caught my attention through the distance. 

The KTM Station is also called the Tanjong Pagar rail station.

Interesting enough, the Sultan of Johor Bahru Malaysia drove the last train out.

It’s a mixed of sadness and must have had full of fond memories to ride the last KTM intercity route from Singapore to Malaysia and vice versa. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to witness the ride, but heart warming, I have witnessed the embrace of Singaporeans and foreigners to visit and have a glimpse of the KTM station in its final days of seeing the public.

Here’s my complete snaps of the KTM railway station in Flickr.

With full of memories, facts, and emotions, here’s the blog of the His Royal Highness Sultan Ibrahim on his accounts on the reason why he drove the last KTM train out of Tanjong Pagar station.

Til next time. Au revoir.