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Helping World Bank Against Nutrition Problems

Each year, there are as many as 3 million mothers and young children die due to malnutrition, according to World Bank’s statistics.

During the recent World Bank meeting, it has been clearly pointed that the world can do better for the world’s hungry children.

The commitment gathered to help combatting the malnutrition problem has been modest with only less than $300 million a year.

Although there are initiatives and framework from World Bank to remediate this problem, the world still needs us.

Here’s the video from World Bank: Investing in Nutrition: Let’s Grow Together.

We can always help the world on our own small ways. I hope this simple post can do greater things by letting all of us known of this problem  and help World Bank in their initiatives against malnutrition.


Julia Ross, Scaling Up Nutrition: Remembering the ‘Forgotten MDG’ from World Bank Meetings Center