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“God will provide”

Disclaimer: This article is a living testimony of how God provides as we put our faith and trust in Him. This article do not insinuate negativity towards the entities mentioned in this blog.

My hubby Gnex and I just attended our caregroup session (Moriah Assembly of God) last saturday. We had a very interesting discussion.

Faith in God leads to trust and obedience. Three key words complementing each: Faith, trust, and obedience towards God.

We’ve shared our own testimony which happened recently:

After my hubby and I got married on my birthday, it is to our hearts intent to stay in my husband’s workplace. Teen Challenge has been an instrument for us to meet, started our dating, and later on settled down. My hubby Gnex has a biggest bond with Teen Challenge, God’s ministry close to his heart. It is where he started anew, it is where God touched his heart and reformed, it is where we had our Christian wedding ceremony.

We professed our intention to be living staff to Teen Challenge; that I can stay with my husband while he’s serving the ministry. We prayed that our heart’s desire will be granted. After series of conversation in different forms, we finally had the response. Our request to stay in Teen Challenge was declined. We were never informed of the reason. Our hearts were crushed.

Christmas of 2012 came. With our low morale, we decided to accept things as they are and searched for our rental space. We took it as a message that ‘This is what God wants. And so be it Lord.’

Christmas is all about giving and sharing our blessings. Instead of lingering towards what happened, we decided to serve God and shared our blessings to the residents of Teen Challenge. My husband’s passion is to serve the people. We had the Christmas pot-luck, thanks to other fellow staffs who contributed and the residents experienced their exchange-gifts. We felt happy and fulfilled in the end. I remember telling my husband, “This Christmas I missed my family; but the emptiness was fulfilled by seeing the residents happy.”

After Christmas we were busy hunting for our own rental space. As the Singapore property market is a big boom, the rental space has tremendously increased as well. We were faced with the challenge of finding the fund for the first set of cash out – the deposit, the advance, the agent’s fee. We have to be practical, we have just got married; most of our cash flows were out. I saw my husband spending late nights to scout for affordable room rental which will fit our budget while I was busy with work as we were on year end closing for 2012. We didn’t manage to find a room rent. We grew tired and weary; and so we leave it all to God. We took a break and rested.

Out of no-where a miracle happened. God blessed and provided us with a room-rental which we considered to be affordable as compared to others. And God blessed and provided us with the fund as well to pay for everything – the deposit, the advance, and the agent’s fee. Very unexpected, truly a blessing.

True enough, God see and help us through. No matter what circumstances it is, God is always there to help and guide us.

Our friends, we hope that our simple testimony will provide enlightenment to your life. It maybe simple but the most important point is your truly reliance to God in everything that you do.

In the upcoming days, we will be settled to our rental place.

And now, whenever we feel doubt, we always give the affirmation that ‘No worries, as long as our hearts are in-lined with God; God will provide and God will see and help us through.’

After truly relying to God, obeyed, strengthen our trust and faith, we started to see God’s blessings in uncountable ways.

Til next time..Au revoir..