Nikon SB600

I finally decided to go for Nikon SB600 for my Nikon D200. After reading all reviews and comparison against SB800, well I prefer to use the SB600.

I bought my SB600 while on holidays in Germany. And test drive it during my birthday celebration. Even without reading the manual, the Nikon SB600 didn’t fail me and gave me dramatic outcome of my shots during the celebration…

Drinking our traditional chocolate drink..

The zucchini chiffon cake made by my aunt..

Birthday flowers from family…

Lovely smiles…

Birthday visitors..

My nephew with his innocent stare…

My cousin with his look…

If you’re interested to learn the full review of Nikon SB600, you can refer to Ken Rockwell’s review:

Til next time. Au revoir.


I missed home.

I missed my mum.

I missed my siblings.

I missed my mum’s cooking.

I missed climbing to my mum’s bed and cling to her like a baby.

I missed giggling with my nephews and nieces.

I missed our dances.

I missed my car.

I missed my room.

Til next time. Au revoir.


A Footprint and A Promise

When we were teens, life was simple. Parents are always there when we need them and family and friends are the usually cast of characters of our youth. We started to develop crushes and infatuations and as we grew, it all turn up to become relationships.

In relationships, young as we are, we tend to open our hearts completely. And girls would wait for that one day, someone would popped the question in a very romantic scene and with tears in the woman’s eyes, she would respond ‘Yes’…

Men will look forward to taking the girl of his dream to that union where he is willing to give up all of this freedom for the woman that he loves.

It seems to be a fairy tale, and yes it can happen… And life is all about reality… With different pressures in life, culture, and society, people changes heart. And the tears of happiness can be tears of pains.

That’s when a person starts to guard his or her feelings. Fear will start to rule the heart. The question of when a person is willing to let go again of his or herself is a matter of indefinite. Until the wounds are completely healed.

Trust can easily be given but within a matter of seconds, it can leave and erases the once good memory of friendship.

People come and people do leave. Some come back and some will never look back.

When people come into our lives, they come in different packages as they are all gifts. But when they leave, they all leave the same – that is, sadness. However, regardless of exits, we should be thankful that they came as they have given us happiness during their stay. That is their footprint.

We can control ourselves but we can’t control what’s beyond us. We commit mistakes by hiding ourselves due to fear of loss.

Some of us are lucky to be given chances but some are not and without a choice, close the door with sadness.

Here’s a promise to Dylan. Due to time constraints, this song lacked the melody.

The Sea

Life is sailing
Everybody’s searching freedom
Like a warm breeze each morning
Realizing everything’s the same

Heart is the shell guarded by dolphins
Cruel creatures of ocean
Course to iceberg
Wind is unstable

Slowly like the flow of freedom
Swayed by the winds
Embracing the waves
Destinations.. it’s the destination.

The sea is the view
Enjoying the view
Loving embracing the blues
Enjoying the view

Heart is the shell guarded by dolphins
Cruel creatures of ocean
Course to iceberg
Wind is unstable

Slowly like the flow of freedom
Swayed by the winds
Embracing the waves
Destinations.. it’s the destination.

Its friendship. Its you.

Til next time. Au revoir.

A Letter To Gambit

Liebe Gambit,

We met in the virtual world where the rule is to be casual. Millions of people used the online world for lots of reason including the compartmentalization of everyday manusia of living.

People hide their feelings and their real self and online is the safest way to do it.

But you’re different. And things happened for reasons.

We’re both overcoming the hurt and betrayal of the past relationships we had. We shared the feelings of being hurt and the pains we’ve undergone. We both wonder why sadness and pains exist?

This is reality. And oftentimes it bites.

We both believe we are part of the majestic plan. And tomorrow will always be unknown. But for now, we enjoy ourselves with the company and the thought that someone is there, a friend, that is always there for us is a precious gift.

We’re hurting but we both know we will recover like most of the people who have undergone the feeling of separation.

Time heals all wounds.

Tomorrow will always be different. And this too, shall pass.

With thoughts and ponders,


P.S. This song is for you Gambit.

Til next time. Au revoir.