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Realizing Prophet Job’s Lessons

The grave of Prophet Job is in the northwest part of Salalah Oman. It is in the peak of Jabal Atin and is reachable with a road trip taking Ayn Jarziz.

The typical road in Salalah Oman.

While my brother is busy driving, I was busy taking snaps from the road side view. On the way to Job’s tomb.

Another road side snap while the car is fast moving.

The herd of camels. They are often called the ‘Kings of the road’ as you will need to stop and slowly drive when you see them crossing or walking on the roads. Taken inside the car while I was watching them passing us.

Prior our journey to visit Prophet Job’s tomb, I was contemplating on how the grave and the place will look like and how will it impact my view on the side of faith.

Inside the area where Prophet Job is buried is this small mosque.

The entrance to the mosque.

A simple sign asking for a little respect wouldn’t hurt to follow.

After the mosque is where Prophet Job lies.

He manages the area and I was surprised that he joined us during the photo shoots.

Prophet Job is an iconic figure in the following religions:

  • in Islam he is known as Nabi Ayoub and is present in the Quran;
  • in Jewish faith he is known as Nabi Iyov and is present in Tanakh;
  • in Christian faith he is known as Prophet Job and is present in the Old Testament.

Prophet Job’s footprint preserved.

I was born and raised in a Catholic family. The religion I grew up with came from roots of Judaism. History will give us a long story telling of how the religion started and how it became known to those countries who were colonized by Western Europeans (Spain & Portugal). Thanks to Emperor Constantine. And of course, the scholars may still be in the battle of minds regarding the faith of Christianity.

So I’ve known Prophet Job since I was a kid as part of school curriculum – to study the religion.

If there’s one notion of the prophet’s popularity is when we asked the question ‘Why do we need to suffer? And why did God allow suffering?’

The story of Prophet Job is pretty much universal to the above mentioned religions. He is a righteous and powerful man (a sheikh) and is loyal follower of God and does not complain on God’s will. His loyalty at heart paved the way for Satan to ask permission from God to test his loyal heart. God allowed it and Job and his family were ripped of their wealth. Job didn’t complain. Satan again ask permission to test him. God allowed it as long as no life will be taken. Job suffered from leprous sores. From a respected man he became penniless and avoided by people due to his disease. As I recall his story it is this time when Job started to question back God on why He allowed such misfortunes.

The tomb of Prophet Job.

The tomb of Prophet Job.

The tomb of Prophet Job.

All of us have suffered in our lives. We have undergone challenges and problems on those events we may have questioned the Big Guy up there why He allowed those things to happen. However, trials in life is what makes life worth living. The said trials is always the realization of ourselves, our capabilities and the acknowledgement of God.

Realizing Prophet Job’s lessons, I learned:

Suffering is a part of life and each suffering is bound to tell us of acknowledgments or lessons to ourselves and God’s presence.

God allows suffering to teach us of humility (learn to let go) and acknowledging Him. We sometimes believe that our current state is the result of our actions and behaviors. However, we should realized as well that we are spiritual in nature. We cannot explain why people come to our lives and events in our lives happen for specific reasons.

God as a loving father wouldn’t want people to hurt us. However, we have been given the gift of ‘Free Will‘ whereby people can choose freely what their heart desires. Sadly sometimes, people changes heart that doesn’t conform to our happiness.

Me with friends inside Prophet Job’s tomb.

I wish I know what was written in this board.

With my brother at Prophet Job’s tomb.

Surely the story of Prophet Job has its equivalent to my brethren in other religion.

Suffering is universal; however, we can always choose to follow God’s will and acknowledge Him.

The view outside the area of Prophet Job’s tomb.

The Salalah Oman travel blog still continues in the upcoming article…

Til next time. Au revoir.


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