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Don’t Be A Victim Of MLM Scam

This is the era when scam incidents soared high. This happens especially in network marketing (MLM) business where the rule is to speed up the money-making through recruiting.

To avoid being scam;

1. Ensure that the product/services/opportunity is real. A physical product should be present or a service has been delivered or truly achievable.

2. If you are offered with a type of INVESTMENT through MLM business, check if the company is present (legally registered) in your country. This ensures that you’re covered by your country consumer law.

3. If you’re the questioning/research type of consumer, do your diligent study of the product/service/investment offered. Let the independent representative answer your clarifications especially if it involves a considerable amount of money.

4. Be realistic with yourself if you have the time and energy to do network marketing. MLM pyramid scheme entails lots of time and energy. A good direct selling company will have the option to just be the consumer (building network team is completely optional).

5. Only venture in opportunities where affordable; only place the amount of money that you can afford to loose. Remember, there’s always the risk that we should measure.

6. Is is very important to PRAY. Money is hard earned. It’s always best for God to be involved in your business ventures.

Have a restful and enjoyable weekend everyone!



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