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Product Review: Go Raw Live Apricot Bar

Apricots are one of my favorite fruits mainly due to its variety of health benefits. In terms of taste, it stands out for that sweet-sour blend that lingers in your mouth. I always have the dried apricots in my bag everywhere I go. The only downside of dried apricots for me is that you can never have too much. Due to its high fiber, it can sometimes act like prunes and will send you to your toilet in a just matter of hours.

I received the Go Raw Live Apricot Bar from Try and Review ( I was selected to test the product and rate it and of course, give my point of view.


What’s interesting about this product is that it’s organic. It’s also claimed as Non-GMO verified, Vegan, and Gluten-Free.

I was overseas when the product reached my place so it took a couple of days before I opened the product to taste. And a good note to share is, when unopened, the product doesn’t require refrigeration.

The Taste

I have the notion that organic products are bland. However, this product retained the apricots sweet-sour taste. It’s just like eating the dried apricots. Now, this product has the flax seed mixed in the bar which kinda added a tad, just a minor texture of roughness to it. The flax seeds make you chew more coz you want to bite the small size seeds. Overall, I don’t have any issue with the taste. The sweetness is natural, I didn’t taste any sugar added in the product.


The Packaging

The packaging is made of plastic. It’s not very thin and not so thick. It’s just nicely wrapped that prevented moisture from coming in. It doesn’t easily open so we can see the company made a good effort in ensuring the freshness of the product. Good job here I must say.

The Price

As what I noted, it will be priced at SGD 5.00 per piece. For an average income consumer, I must say the price is a little steep. The company or distributor has to refine the price of the product. It’s a great product, but may not be that affordable to the masses.

Overall Review

The Go Raw Live Apricot bar is a very good healthy product. I would recommend it to friends who prefers to have some form of dried fruit in their bags for healthier snacking. The taste is good, the packaging is good, and the price is affordable to those who focus more on the health benefits and doesn’t mind the price.



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