Employees, what are your future like?

I’ve recently come across the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) discussion with regards to their outlook on Fourth Industrial Revolution. We have reached the age when the workplace started to embrace manufacturing automation and robotics. We can’t deny that artificial intelligence (AI), the once just a niche market has started to bloom and penetrated the industry.

It doesn’t appear to be a positive outlook when WEF’s Future of Jobs report that by 2020, some of the jobs will be high in demand while 5 million jobs will be lost.

It’s sad to wake up one day when the job you have been doing most of your life is gone. How will you react when you are replaced by machines and robots?

Let this year 2016 be your time to reflect and decide your game plan. What will be your alternative income stream when the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution knocks in your door and your job line is one of the replaceable by robotics.

Listen and watch to the 1-hour discussion of World Economic Forum held early this month at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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Business Revolution

We’ve seen how the business strategies have changed.

It all started from small shops with personalized customer experience, to huge shopping malls where a shopper’s convenience is adhered. No need to drive to different places. Just head to the mall and there it is all that you need.

Next came the internet where anyone can shop to any site across the globe. E-commerce stayed. And the customer behavior gave pressure to bricks and mortar businesses to have online presence. It’s a great way to touch the ‘busy bees’ customer who didn’t have the time to shop the mall or visit the small shops.

And then followed the big business revolution. The direct selling business. The revolutionized way to market and sell your products and services. What made this business strategy a big thing?

Direct selling leverages on independent distributors. The distributors provide the cold calling, marketing, and personalized demonstrations through parties, gatherings, and even one-one-one. To be the distributor in direct selling does not require higher education and there’s no age limit.

If you’re employed by a company, you have to follow the working hours, the company policies, the dress code (uniforms, business attire, smart casual). You have deadlines, you have quota to meet, a boss to report to, and the unlimited tasks that are assigned to you.

Direct selling provides time flexibility. You are working for your own self. You are your own boss. You have the complete ownership and accountability on how your business outcome is going to be.

This makes direct selling an attractive main and supplemental income in households. Business connoisseurs Robert Kiyosaki and Warren Buffett recognize direct selling and haven been endorsing it. They knew that the most effective and modern way to improve the business marketing is through direct selling. Warren Buffett owns direct selling businesses.

While I’ve mentioned above the good features of direct selling, it is still important to emphasize the ethics involve on the side of the distributors. If you are contemplating of signing up or even have signed up, you must remember and adhere to your own sales ethics. While direct selling gives you the financial freedom and fulfillment that you have been aiming, nothing beats staying and maintaining the moral values you’ve learned since childhood. To put it simply, do not put money above your relationships.

In the next article, I’m going to discuss the travel industry and why it is still the gold mine to make direct selling business.