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The Box Up God

Back in the 1990s when economies started to flourished, we’ve seen the rise of countries whose culture focused on God. America for one belonged to the list. America, the land of opportunity, was the most coveted immigration landing point from the citizens of poor countries workers and refugees alike.

In the 1990s the world seen the concept of free markets where blue collars can become millionaires through hard labors and self disciplined. We’ve seen the rise of elites most of which are devotees of God. Christianity was the biggest population among world religions. Christian missionaries get the ticket to travel the world. We can see God everywhere especially in television. Everybody says God, God, God…

As the world economically progressed, the concept of God seem to have fade. We humans have inherited India’s caste system in terms of education. Our identity somehow has been tied up with what we do. Noticed during conversations when there’s always the emphasis of the university or college degree we’ve finished, what industry we’re working, who are we affiliated with. Those who are unfortunate and didn’t complete a course of study are cast out from the white collars.

Today, the world is financially rich. There are more billionaires the world has seen. But sadly, the world has also become full of labels. More distinctions – whites, blacks, brown, yellow skin colors. Blue collars, white collars at work. Educated people has more voice.

In the world of Christianity, pastoral services has also become a form of job. Less of passion more of job responsibilities. Christian churches have become corporate world implemented with key performance indicators or KPIs. These so called human made KPIs are a measure of performance benchmarks for the church pastors – number of converts, number of baptism, church attendance, increase in the church memberships, etc. When a pastor achieves his/her KPIs, he/she is a good pastor probably a candidate for a pay raise. Simply put it, our societies’ culture are now embraced in the church instead otherwise. Pastors are somehow labeled based on their Bible School qualifications and achievements. The higher education you have, the more qualified you will be.

What are we Christians have we become?

As I can remember, Jesus chose his disciples based on their heart, not their education. If Jesus wants the easy way out and wants to deliver God’s message to the world flawlessly, he should have chosen the high Jewish priests because people will listen to them due to power and authority.

If God is so concern about eloquence in delivering His message with brevity and charisma, then there wouldn’t be any Moses.

God chooses people with the heart of obedience and faithfulness regardless of color, education, and physical abilities.

There’s a danger on what our church and society has become. As we embraced our own personal preference or prejudice, we’re hurting God as we’re boxing Him. It’s clear to some churches, that the voice of the people has become the voice of God. Where the fate of the church are dictated by the majority corporate members and less of prayers and fasting.

Let’s be careful of our personal preferences because the devil has many forms. People in the church tends to listen more when the speaker is of scholarly value. When a person’s charisma is easily mistaken and labeled as God’s gifting.

How do we know when we’re boxing God?

  • When we place our judgement and wants on top instead of God. Is it our carnal nature?
  • When God’s works and answers are based on what and how we want Him to respond
  • When we asked God for answers and we ended up getting inputs only from the educated ones. Because sometimes, God uses the blue collars and the unlovable to deliver His message to us
  • When we decide who are God’s prophets instead of God’s anointing

Let us embrace God for what He is. He’s our father in heaven, the Alpha and the Omega. All things came from Him and all things will end by Him. He’s not a spirit or a deity who’s supposed to work for us. He’s our father, our source of life.

Let’s not box Him up.




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