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Angels Amongst Us

In generic terms, Angels are messengers of God. They are usually found in the Hebrew and Christian bibles. In Quran, the term Malakh gives the similar context while in Hinduism Angels are coined as Deva.

Angels are also referred to metaphors, a representation of people who appeared to helped others, an instrument of God to rescue people in times of needs.

Angels are people… whom you know… or moreover strangers who does not know you and yet offered their hands during your trouble times.

I was very busy with work today, a typical Monday at the office where everyone is scrambling to their weekly activities and schedules. Meetings, reports, and reviews are but the usual Monday blues (“Monday blues” and the context here is borrowed from a very good person in my life – wink).

I completely forgot about the time only to realized that it was past 9PM and I’m still at the office. When I was packing my things I decided to go to the ladies room. Usually my access card is inside its leather holder to ensure that I won’t misplaced my card inside my bag. And so I went to the ladies room. It’s only when I’m returning back to office that I realized I don’t have access card in its leather holder. I have the leather holder but the access card is not in it. When I looked outside the office door, the reality sunk in. It is then I realized I was the last person in the office. In short, I was standing outside the office door without anything with me. My handbag, mobile phones, wallet, everything is inside the office. I couldn’t call as I don’t have my mobile… I couldn’t get a cab and ride a bus as I don’t have my wallet with me.

Without thinking I went down to go to the security desk and check if I can use their desk phone so I can call and seek help.

Two challenges faced me:

  1. I don’t recall any numbers except for a vague memory of my boss mobile number
  2. The security desk phone can’t call mobile number and the security guard is fairly new at his post and his mate was on roving time. He also doesn’t have mobile phone with him.

While talking to the security desk we noticed a young woman who was sitting outside and was probably waiting for her ride. The security ask me to talk to the lady and seek help on my situation.

I told myself “Seeking help to a complete stranger… this is my first time. Courage, courage, and God please help!”

While I was approaching the young lady, an On-call taxi came. It was her ride, I was already loosing hope when the security came out and have asked the young woman by himself. They were speaking Mandarin so I wouldn’t able to understand. However, the young woman needed to go and my mind left blank.

I was again discussing with the security for possible options when suddenly the young woman came back to us. The taxi driver agreed to wait for her. She allowed me to borrow her mobile phone so I can call my boss. Vaguely, I dialed a number (I was anxious and hoping that I dialed the correct number of my boss) and I was stunned that I’m hearing my boss’ voice on the other end. Gladly my boss picked up the call and I was able to explain the trouble that I was in.

Thank God!

I asked for the numbers of my colleagues who are living nearby our office. Unfortunately, my colleagues were not able to picked up my calls. I was left with no choice but to go to my boss’ place to borrow his access card. The only problem is, I didn’t have any money for cab fare.

Again without realizing it, I again asked the young woman if I can share her cab. She gladly agreed. I asked her if I can drop her to her place and with the same taxi I’m going to my boss place. I picked up the tab of taxi fare – it is the least I can do for all the help that she offered me. While in the cab we were chatting and talking like we knew each other for sometime. She was an auditor and she’s not working in the building. She’s auditing one of the companies in the building just for the week. As we were chatting, we didn’t realized were near her place.

I gave her the biggest thanks…

After the young woman alight from the cab, I shared to the taxi driver the things that have happened. The taxi driver couldn’t believe it. He thought me and young lady knew each other pretty well. When I reached my boss’ place, my boss together with his lovely daughters were there to hand me the access card. My boss was gracious enough to lend me SGD 60 in case anything happens. I couldn’t be thankful enough for all that has happened.

The taxi driver gladly waited for me and took me back again to the office. The security was there and was also smiling; he knew I somehow managed to get things resolved. I thanked the security and rushed to office to pick up my things and head home. I realized I didn’t have proper dinner yet and it was already 10:45PM.

After picking up my things and taking the same taxi I managed to get home. The taxi driver was gracious enough to recommend me a place to get my dinner – it was in the marketplace within my neighborhood.

Finally I reached home at 11PM. With a big smile in my face and a very thankful heart and a warm noodles I bought from the marketplace following the recommendation of the taxi driver.

I wouldn’t forget today as I had the privileged to witness strangers and people – the ANGELS – willing to help you in times when you’re in deep.. shit… (“,)

Angel # 1: The security desk who willingly helped me and even talked to the young woman to help.

Angel # 2: The beautiful young woman who lend me her mobile phone and shared her cab with me.

Angel # 3: My boss for picking up my call and lending me his access card. His daughters were cute and lovable.

Angle # 4: The taxi driver who has been there to drove to different destinations. He was a careful driver and a patient one.

Above all, I owe God the gratitude for giving me these wonderful people just when I need them the most.

It all happened in Singapore. The cab fare may have costed me approximately SGD 50 but the entire experience is priceless…

Portrait of an Angel. Taken at Cologne, Germany. July 2009.

Til next time. Au revoir.


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Singles Galore

The Asian continent holds the largest set of population compared to the rest of the world attributing to China and India.

It is indeed perceived that Asians in general will get marry otherwise singles will be pressured by society, family, and friends. This statement holds true with respect to ethnicity and religion. Few Asian races still follow the ‘arrange marriage’ protocol no matter how modern the society is. The value of family life is still being followed – a typical Asian characteristics of having to belong to a group or population rather than being individualist.

However, Asians like any other fast moving cosmopolitan residents are affected by the same trend that people choses to be single. A fast moving economy affects the psychology of residents where competition is likely to be sky rocket high. Residents would rather focus on career and personal achievements rather than creating a family which entails responsibilities and life balance.

Why do people chose to be single?

A question that is very hard to answer especially when you’re still single and you belong to the demographics of 30 – 40 years of age.

Is it hard to give up independence when compromise is needed in a relationship?

Singapore though the country population is still considered low is an example of singles galore.

In 2010 Singapore census, the single population has raised to 32% as compared to 30% in year 2000.


Needless to mention that the single population is increasing in Singapore. Though dating is common within the diverse races composition, still a third of the residents prefer to be single.

Is education a contributing factor to a person’s singlehood?


It is interesting that in Singapore, based on the census statistics study last 2010, that men belonging to the population of 30 – 34 years tend to stay single with the follow qualifications:

  • below secondary
  • diploma and professional
  • university

While women within the population of 30 – 34 tend to stay single within the following qualifications:

  • diploma and professional
  • university

Could it be that magic of love is dying?

I do not believe such. The single population of 30 – 34 are most likely busy building their career as the workplace competition is high due to the multicultural populace of Singapore.

Another reason is that singles sometimes choose to be in such status due to the fear of commitments and responsibilities of marriage and family life.

When singles see their friends’ marriages are breaking up or have broke up, it impacts a silent trauma and fear to dwell to a married life.

Singlehood can be an art and singles are artists. Oftentimes, singles have a diverse range of activities, career, social life, and dating. Such activities can be stimulating to mind, body, and soul.

I often asked on the question of ‘How long do you still want to stay single?’

I just smiled and reply…

When I know then I know, when its time then its time, and when its the right person then he will be…      ~ Chic Pencil

Hold my hand please.

Til next time. Au revoir.


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