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Singles Galore

The Asian continent holds the largest set of population compared to the rest of the world attributing to China and India.

It is indeed perceived that Asians in general will get marry otherwise singles will be pressured by society, family, and friends. This statement holds true with respect to ethnicity and religion. Few Asian races still follow the ‘arrange marriage’ protocol no matter how modern the society is. The value of family life is still being followed – a typical Asian characteristics of having to belong to a group or population rather than being individualist.

However, Asians like any other fast moving cosmopolitan residents are affected by the same trend that people choses to be single. A fast moving economy affects the psychology of residents where competition is likely to be sky rocket high. Residents would rather focus on career and personal achievements rather than creating a family which entails responsibilities and life balance.

Why do people chose to be single?

A question that is very hard to answer especially when you’re still single and you belong to the demographics of 30 – 40 years of age.

Is it hard to give up independence when compromise is needed in a relationship?

Singapore though the country population is still considered low is an example of singles galore.

In 2010 Singapore census, the single population has raised to 32% as compared to 30% in year 2000.


Needless to mention that the single population is increasing in Singapore. Though dating is common within the diverse races composition, still a third of the residents prefer to be single.

Is education a contributing factor to a person’s singlehood?


It is interesting that in Singapore, based on the census statistics study last 2010, that men belonging to the population of 30 – 34 years tend to stay single with the follow qualifications:

  • below secondary
  • diploma and professional
  • university

While women within the population of 30 – 34 tend to stay single within the following qualifications:

  • diploma and professional
  • university

Could it be that magic of love is dying?

I do not believe such. The single population of 30 – 34 are most likely busy building their career as the workplace competition is high due to the multicultural populace of Singapore.

Another reason is that singles sometimes choose to be in such status due to the fear of commitments and responsibilities of marriage and family life.

When singles see their friends’ marriages are breaking up or have broke up, it impacts a silent trauma and fear to dwell to a married life.

Singlehood can be an art and singles are artists. Oftentimes, singles have a diverse range of activities, career, social life, and dating. Such activities can be stimulating to mind, body, and soul.

I often asked on the question of ‘How long do you still want to stay single?’

I just smiled and reply…

When I know then I know, when its time then its time, and when its the right person then he will be…      ~ Chic Pencil

Hold my hand please.

Til next time. Au revoir.


Click to access findings.pdf

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    1. Thanks for the comment. You can look at the right side of the blog and you will see the ‘Subscribe’ menu. Fill in with your email address and click on ‘Sign me up’. Thanks again.

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