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With U

Chill start and it was good

Slowly unfolding each individuality

Heavy schedule yet thoughts present

Didn’t hinder communications

As what does matter is the gestures

And the ponders inevitable.

With u means a lot,

With u is smile & soothing,

With u is warmth,

With u is comfort,

With u is life,

With u is home.

~ The Kid

Til next time. Au revoir.

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A Chilly Melbourne, Australia

Working as presales consultant supporting the Asian region can be a tiring job… However, one of it perks is to get the chance to travel to various parts of the globe.

Though travel involves ample amount of energy, patience, and courage (to not to feel homesickness after a certain point in time), I guess it’s the opportunity to discover the wonders of other countries especially those where you never set your foot yet…

This month of June 2011, I had the opportunity to visit Melbourne, Australia to attend a Sybase mobility training.

When I requested to attend the training, it didn’t occur in my mind about Australia’s climate condition, I just shoot out the request and applied for Australia visa. It was a hectic schedule.

A week before my travel, that’s when I realized it’s winter season in the land down under. And so, I set foot and experienced Melbourne’s winter season.

St. Kilda Parkview Hotel is where I stayed. A very good hotel for travellers to stay.

A warm welcome from St. Kilda Parkview Hotel. 

Just beside St. Kilda Parkview Hotel is Albert Cricket Ground where cricket games and practices happen every morning.

Their morning practice.

View from the top. Albert Cricket Ground.

A closer look of their game.

Tram is almost everywhere in Melbourne. This is the scenic St. Kilda Road Melbourne.

Melbourne’s Tram Network.

A Sunday Saver card is available which allows you to travel to trams and buses in Melbourne for a day with a fix amount of AUD 3.50.

Federation Square is one of the busiest district in the city.

Yarra Trams – Federation Square.

Though I stayed in Melbourne for a week, it was a wonderful experience to mingle with the people and to witness the calm and suburb living of Melbourne.

Flinders Street Station is the busiest hub in Melbourne. This is the central station for Metro Network Railway across Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


The traditional horse carriage ride in Melbourne central business district. Amazing scene! Very Old English!

Though my stay is considerably short, I managed to made friends and one of them is the sweet gal Elaine and her cute daughter Amy…

My friend Elaine and her bubbly daughter Amy…

This is Amy. Or Aimee. Or Eimee… I prefer calling her ‘Ang Mo Kid’ due to her Irish mix. Very bubbly toddler.

Don’t disturb! She’s busy with her BABYCCINO!

Due to work, studies, and exam, I wasn’t able to visit Melbourne’s historical landmarks. This gives me another reason to come back and experience Melbourne in another season…

In retrospect, I must say Melbourne is an epitome of the ‘Anglo-Saxon’ suburb embracing modernity…

Melbourne Central Business District.

Going to Chapel Street with Elaine and Amy.

Known shopping district in Melbourne. This is Chapel Street. And Chapelli’s resto is where we had lunch and shopping on a Saturday afternoon.

My travel to Melbourne made me realized the soothing and simplicity of life. It was a week of experience and I wouldn’t forget the place and faces that I met along the journey.

Til next time. Au revoir.

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Error 51: Cisco VPN Connectivity

Okay, so this is the first time that I’m going to write about sharing technology resolutions based on my experience working as a consultant.

Lots of enterprises today implement security standards especially when accessing their corporate resources from remote networks.

It is but a norm to use VPN connectivity in order to impose restrictions to qualified and approve personnels to allow to logged in beyond corporate firewalls.

Cisco VPN software is a common name when it comes to VPN access. If you are using Cisco VPN, it is likely that you have the VPN client tool that you normally launched in order to connect to your company network.

As I have downloaded the Cisco VPN client for Mac OS, I was trying to configure it to be able to connect to the customer VPN network. However, configuring the latest Cisco VPN client 4.9.x wasn’t that easy in the latest releases of Mac OS.

I was stucked with Error 51: when launching Cisco VPN client for Mac.

After searching the internet for all the relative resolutions, the below solution steps did resolve the problem I faced.

My Mac OS Environment: Mac OS X 10.6.7

Solution Steps:

  • Go to your Network Preferences

  • Click on the + button in order to add a new network connection. If you have locked your system settings, you have to unlock it first by providing an admin account of your Mac OS. The new network connection will require settings.
  • After clicking ‘Create’, you will need to provide the Server Address, etc…

  • Next, click on ‘Authentication Setting’…

  • Now this is where a little challenge begins. You have to provide the ‘Shared Secret’. If this is not provided by the Cisco Administrator, it is likely that there is a .pcf file that is provided to you which you normally import to the Cisco VPN Client tool in order to import all the config settings. In this case, since you are not using the client software, you need to do the following:
  1. Open your .pcf file in any text editor. Locate for the Encryption. Copy the value of the Encryption parameter.
  2. Go to this website:
  3. Provide the Encryption parameter from your .pcf file. Hit ‘Decode’ button and —
  4. You will see the Shared Secret in clear text.
  • Provide the Shared Secret in the network settings. The Group Name is also provided in your .pcf file.

  • Click ‘Ok’ and apply the settings. 
  • Now you can test logging in and provide your password (based on your login provided).

That’s it! You should be able to connect to the Cisco VPN of your company network.

In summary, you don’t actually need the Cisco VPN client for Mac in the latest Mac OS X versions as you can choose the Cisco IPSec protocol from the available Network Preferences.

As a code of ethics for us consultants, it is but included in the Non-Disclosure agreement that we are not allowed to share any customer information (names, passwords, etc) that we are working on. The above steps are helpful to work on the technology resolutions. I recommend not to abuse the VPN decoder link.

Til next time. Au revoir.


The name Cisco referred by this article refers to Cisco Networks (