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Product Review: Go Raw Live Apricot Bar

Apricots are one of my favorite fruits mainly due to its variety of health benefits. In terms of taste, it stands out for that sweet-sour blend that lingers in your mouth. I always have the dried apricots in my bag everywhere I go. The only downside of dried apricots for me is that you can never have too much. Due to its high fiber, it can sometimes act like prunes and will send you to your toilet in a just matter of hours.

I received the Go Raw Live Apricot Bar from Try and Review ( I was selected to test the product and rate it and of course, give my point of view.


What’s interesting about this product is that it’s organic. It’s also claimed as Non-GMO verified, Vegan, and Gluten-Free.

I was overseas when the product reached my place so it took a couple of days before I opened the product to taste. And a good note to share is, when unopened, the product doesn’t require refrigeration.

The Taste

I have the notion that organic products are bland. However, this product retained the apricots sweet-sour taste. It’s just like eating the dried apricots. Now, this product has the flax seed mixed in the bar which kinda added a tad, just a minor texture of roughness to it. The flax seeds make you chew more coz you want to bite the small size seeds. Overall, I don’t have any issue with the taste. The sweetness is natural, I didn’t taste any sugar added in the product.


The Packaging

The packaging is made of plastic. It’s not very thin and not so thick. It’s just nicely wrapped that prevented moisture from coming in. It doesn’t easily open so we can see the company made a good effort in ensuring the freshness of the product. Good job here I must say.

The Price

As what I noted, it will be priced at SGD 5.00 per piece. For an average income consumer, I must say the price is a little steep. The company or distributor has to refine the price of the product. It’s a great product, but may not be that affordable to the masses.

Overall Review

The Go Raw Live Apricot bar is a very good healthy product. I would recommend it to friends who prefers to have some form of dried fruit in their bags for healthier snacking. The taste is good, the packaging is good, and the price is affordable to those who focus more on the health benefits and doesn’t mind the price.



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A Taste of Heaven at Calle Real

I often admire my Singaporean friends and family on their love for food. Singaporean loves to eat. And that makes Singapore a food paradise for everyone. Singaporeans will not restrict their taste buds to their own but is willing to get savory taste on new culinary places in the country.

In the heart of East Coast Road lies a restaurant waiting for everyone to experience the authentic Spanish Filipino dishes that will delight everyone including the food connoisseurs.

Calle Real at 425 East Coast Road

I have known the owners of Calle Real since early 2000 when their family moved and settle in Singapore. A very lovely family and their kids grew up here as they have been here since 1996.

The owners came from a family a chef. Needless to say, their aeipathy for creating their own food fusion will never ceased.

Fall in love with Calle Real’s Seafood Esta Galore – This is their fusion of coconut milk with a little brandy, coconut flakes, basil, mussels, squid, scallop, prawns, & dry shitake mushrooms cooked in perfection.

Why Calle Real?

The owners’ family food business started with Cafe Calle Real influenced by their father from their Spanish blood lineage. Their parents came from the lines of professional chefs in Philippines. The decision of choosing the name Calle Real for the family restaurant came from an old book called ‘Old Manila’. The said book was given to their family with the desire of opening their own family food business in Calle Real in Intramuros Philippines. Their motivation to continue their passion for cooking came from all the compliments they received not only from friends and family but also from big renowned restaurants in Philippines including ‘Josephines’ restaurant in Tagaytay. Due to their family’s frequent movement following the job relocations, they opened up their food catering business in Singapore since 1998. Later on, they opened up their first restaurant in Roxy Square.

Why choose East Coast Road?

After choosing few locations for their food business, they decided to settle to the place where they started. They fell in love with East Coast Road; their very place when they first set their foot in Singapore.

What are the MUST TRY dishes?

Calle Real’s grand opening last April.

Calle Real offers a whole lot of food variety to satisfy your Spanish – Filipino cuisine cravings. Among my favorites are the following:

1. Lechón de leche (Baby suckling roasted pig): Lechón is from Spanish influence and very famous in Spain colonized nations such as The Philippines. Calle Real made this dish stand among others.

The tender meat of Lechón de leche..

2. Tripple Enchelada:  Enchalada is the Spanish word for ‘salad’. Tripple enchalada is a three set of salads in one serving – a combination of mango salad, eggplant salad, and a salted egg salad.

Tripple enchalada: Mango Salad (left), Eggplant salad (Middle), Salted Egg Salad (Right)

Mango Salad..

Eggplant salad..

3. Seafood Paella: The Paella dish originated in Valencia, Spain. Widely accepted around the world and due to Spanish influence in the Philippines, paella has become one of the favorite dishes that mothers and wives will cook during special occasions.

Calle Real’s yummy Seafood Paella…

4. Seafood Esta Galore: Ahh… this is my favorite and my featured food here..

A 100% must try at Calle Real..

5. Calle Real’s Baked goods: For the sweet tooth folks, you will never be left out with Calle Real’s variety of cakes and baked products.

Sylvannas cake

Leche Flan (Custard Based)

Ahh… My favorite Brazo De Mercedes.. They made it right in Calle Real..

This Red Velvet cake is an entry from their daughter.. Cooking and baking will never run out in the family..

Combined it all together..

The Ambiance

Calle Real’s ambiance depicts The Philippines and its cultural heritage from Spain. The place is decorated with books, paintings showing their gratitude to the soil that gave life. The music is dominated by Ottmar Liebert, their favorite music artist.


Calle Real is a must try place if you want to experience the Spanish Filipino authentic dishes that you never had before.

Buena comida, buenos amigos, y buen vino son siempre bienvenidos!

English translation: Good food, good friends, and a good wine is always welcome!


Til next time. Au revoir.