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A Letter To Gambit

Liebe Gambit,

We met in the virtual world where the rule is to be casual. Millions of people used the online world for lots of reason including the compartmentalization of everyday manusia of living.

People hide their feelings and their real self and online is the safest way to do it.

But you’re different. And things happened for reasons.

We’re both overcoming the hurt and betrayal of the past relationships we had. We shared the feelings of being hurt and the pains we’ve undergone. We both wonder why sadness and pains exist?

This is reality. And oftentimes it bites.

We both believe we are part of the majestic plan. And tomorrow will always be unknown. But for now, we enjoy ourselves with the company and the thought that someone is there, a friend, that is always there for us is a precious gift.

We’re hurting but we both know we will recover like most of the people who have undergone the feeling of separation.

Time heals all wounds.

Tomorrow will always be different. And this too, shall pass.

With thoughts and ponders,


P.S. This song is for you Gambit.

Til next time. Au revoir.

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