A Match Made in Heaven

Finding ‘The One’ wasn’t a smooth sailing journey.

It took a while before we found each other.

I wrote about him last April 2012. It was my last post and went silence in my blog.

A lot of things had happened. We got engaged.

We decided to tie-the-knot on September 1, 2012.

Yes, the very day of my birthday and so does my dad who passed away 19 years ago.

Wedding Day…
My mother’s kiss on my wedding day…

Now, I’m married to my hubby Gnex Ganesan and will be celebrating our first Christmas few days from now.

From hotel to our church…
Wedding ceremony…
Wedding ceremony…

God does has His way of making us meet. We meet in an unexpected place. While I wasn’t searching, I didn’t close any doors in finding that someone.. that someone I’m going to spend the rest of my life with…

And so he came… All the while searching for me… And he didn’t even knew it, until we met and became exclusive.

My husband.. Gnex Ganesan…

Our officiating pastor.. Reverend Simon Ang..

Oftentimes we busy ourselves as an escape of the fear to be with someone. After all the pains, the issues of trust, we decided to just be with ourselves and give up in finding ‘the one’.


But what if… what if… God is giving you ‘the one’… but you were looking somewhere else… or you were too busy you didn’t realise?


I hope you will find that someone for you… Someone who will be with you when you wake each morning.. Someone you will argue with the TV remote control… Someone you will kiss when your glad.. Someone who you will make up and make out with after arguments… That someone who will hold your hand until your hair turns grey, the teeth will loose, the blurry sight.. and until you close your eyes and joint your Creator…

My niece and my mother on our wedding day…
Our wedding guest speaker… Reverend Sam Kuna…
We held our wedding in Teen Challenge Singapore…
My mum-in-law.. Ma Maliga..
Mother and daughter..
Our witnesses…
Our family.. our friends.. our pride..
Our cake and cupcakes.. by Sweettooth cake delights..

Time to say goodbye.. Goodbye to singlehood.. Goodbye to the endless and tiring search..

And it’s welcome… to the married life.. to companionship.. to family.. and to eternity..

Til next time..Au revoir..


All photo credits goes to Samuel Kwok of Agape Photography


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