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Singapore National Day Parade Rehearsal – Fireworks Display July 16 2011

Majulah!  – the word originated from Bahasa Melayu meaning – ‘Go forward’ or ‘Move forward’ has always been popular in Singapore during its National Day which dates August 9th. The word majulah is also known for Singapore’s anthem – ‘Majulah Singapura’ which translates to ‘Onward Singapore’.

Since Singapore’s national day is just around the corner, every weekend is a practice for many Singaporeans to showcase their parades, songs, among others to show tribute to their nation.

One amazing portion of the national day rehearsals is Singapore’s fireworks display which magnetizes many photo enthusiasts to capture the wildly array of colors in the lens of their camera.

I’m one of those photo enthusiasts. Even though I’m unfamiliar of using my Nikon D200 camera for this scene, I went to the fireworks rehearsal armed with my camera, a remote control, a tripod, a friend who is another photography geek, and lastly, a courage and hope that I can shoot the fireworks displays at least with a clear picture quality.

We’re lucky enough to take a place opposite the Marina Bay Sands where the fireworks are going to be held.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Fireworks Display.

Fireworks Display.

Here’s the photo set for this fireworks rehearsal.

I went to the fireworks rehearsal totally unprepared. But my camera somehow didn’t fail me.

I love my Nikon D200. 🙂

Til next time. Au revoir.

5 thoughts on “Singapore National Day Parade Rehearsal – Fireworks Display July 16 2011”

  1. HI LAI,





    1. Hi Som,

      Good to hear from you. I was overwhelmed at work among other things. I haven’t logged in at Flickr the longest time.
      Surely will keep in touch.
      I will check your wonderful pictures hopefully during this weekend.

      Take care.

      – Lai

  2. happened to chanced upon this while searching for fireworks at NDP. Gosh, is this the first time u took firework pict? if so, and then I m beginning to have faith that I can do it too. thanks! as u said it, u were only just wishing for a clear quality one. I think u did. thanks. btw, what other settings did u use?

    1. Hi Jaime, yes indeed it was my first time. Few things you need to consider:

      1. Your tripod will be your bestfriend during fireworks.

      2. Your location scout should be the best spot and angle to create dramatic photo shoots. I remember preparing
      for fireworks photo shoots only to realized we were on the wrong location and it ruined all the preparations.

      3. Play with your ISO settings before the actual fireworks.

      4. Put your camera to its BULB mode. This will create the amazing colors captured during fireworks.

      5. In your remote control, try capturing it within 5, 10,15 seconds interval; you can also play with your timings to see which would work best in your camera.

      6. You can use a black card to black out the smoke. I wasn’t able to use this during this firework shoots as I was very new that time to fireworks photography.

      Lastly, have fun in taking amazing fireworks photos. 🙂

      Kind regards,

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