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A Visit to Teen Challenge Singapore

Singapore has been known as the fast-moving cosmopolitan in South East Asia. High rise buildings, non-stop trains and buses, and people hurrying up to report to work in the mornings are but the usual scene.

Aside from Singapore’s reputation for being the cleanest city, the country is also famous for security where crime rates are very minimal.

It is not surprising to see Singapore in the 2nd Rank of Global Competitiveness Report from World Economic Forum. From the last year’s 3rd place, the country has overtook Sweden. Though there are a lot of criteria for the said competitiveness rankings; as a resident in Singapore, what’s visible in the naked eye is the country’s initiatives in making Singapore an attractive habitat for the best talents.

Within the buzzing city of Singapore, is the habitat for the different cluster of citizen. The said cluster are those who need understanding, those who need another hand to continue living, those who were hurt like us, and those who need forgiveness from us.

With a very hectic schedule, I was invited by Gnex to come and visit the church service in Teen Challenge Singapore. It was the very nourishment I need with all the concurrent happenings in my life.

Nothing’s more important than hearing God’s words.

So I agreed and went to visit Teen Challenge. It is located outside the central business district – in Boon Lay district.

Teen Challenge Dare Center is a drug and rehabilitation facility. The mission of the organization is to transform the lives of individuals having been addicted to substance or alcohol and restore them back to being the law-abiding citizen and continue living to Singapore society.

It was quite a distant from the city but it was worth the travel. When I reached the place, the folks (residents, staff, and management) are still playing football in the field. While waiting for Gnex, I decided to take a little tour of the area.

The said facility is a calm and quiet place which gives the individual the opportunity to reflect just about anything. Once a primary school, the facility has been transformed to cater the needs of residents who need the nourishment for the soul.

Front office and waiting area.

Residents of Teen Challenge whether walk ins and those mandatory would undergo a program designed by the organization.

I must say I’m impressed with the facility of Teen Challenge. Staff are warm and friendly. With a smile in the face, I met Mr. Dave Chai, the center director of Teen Challenge.

A snapshot of the center’s programs and activities.

Finally, the church service began. Interestingly enough, the church is located inside the center’s facility.

Prepping for the service.

I was fortunate enough to hear Reverend Jim from Teen Challenge’s headquarter who delivered the service that night.

 Singing praises through the worship songs.


Worship songs in Mandarin.

The church service was insightful and reflective. It was a very good experience.

It is often that we get swayed by the mundane aspects of life. To gain a different perspectives of life we have to look at our brothers and sisters who need our understanding and support.

Like any ordinary being, the residents of Teen Challenge have undergone hurt and betrayal too. However it is not our position to judge but rather understand  them by giving them second chances.

All comes from Him and all is through HIM…

 For more information about Teen Challenge, please visit their website:

Til next time. Au revoir.

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