When it comes to relationship, the term ‘crossroads’ is very common. This term which literally means ‘intersection’ has been represented in different situations:

  1. Simple crossroads: Happens when we are uncommitted and opened ourselves to the market. When eligible men starts to notice us and we ended up having more than one ( > 1) admirer. Simple crossroads would lead us to the situation when we have to choose on who among the admirers is suitable to hit the ‘Enter’ button to go to the next level. Yes, have an official relationship and call thyself ‘The Girlfriend’.
  2. The crossroads of the Exes: This situation is a bit difficult to handle. When you are in committed relationship and suddenly your Ex-boyfriend appeared from ‘Never-Neverland‘ or have probably finished ‘painting the town red’ and have decided to pursue you again. The tricky part is when you still have unresolved issues with your ex-boyfriend or rather in short ‘I still love my ex-boyfriend’ is written in your forehead. Crossroads happen when your current boyfriend demands an answer which leads you to choose the crossing between two roads–> the current boyfriend road or the ex-boyfriend road.
  3. The complicated crossroads: This for me is the metaphorical representation on what is real and what is abstract. This happens when we develop feelings towards a stranger. Someone we meet from the physical or the virtual world. So, why it became complicated? Well, it is complicated when there are men within your reach who maybe your friends or colleagues or acquaintances who are pursuing you and yet you’re not giving them chances because of Mr. Stranger. Let’s make things more complicated –> when your ex-boyfriend appeared again and wanted you back. Funny isn’t it? Which road will you choose? Or, how many roads do you have to consider? It all depends on how many men are asking you the question.

Well, surely there are a lot more representations of crossroads. These are the my representations so far basing from my experience.

In the end, I know that when you reach the crossroads you will need to decide. Your decision will allow you to cross the road you choose which lead you to your future home. They always say ‘home is where the heart is….’

Which crossroads am I currently?

Well… I’m in the 3rd representation.

Yes, I’m in the complicated crossroads. I have met a guy virtually. There were some confusions in the beginning but we were able to sort it out. I like him. I do. However, it is rather better to allow fate take its proper course for the two of us.

Which road will I choose?


    Photo is taken in New York, USA last 2005.

Well, I decided to cross the road that is less traveled. The road represents risk and uncertainty but I can’t deny myself that this is what I want. Now, I have allowed the majestic plan to rule and decide on what is the best for us. If there is one word that will describe everything, that is –> Wait.


    Photo is taken in Gutersloh, Germany last 2009.

I decided to wait until the right moment comes. Surely fate will give its signs.

In every decision, there is always a price to pay.

However, I’d rather take the risk and take my chances than do nothing at all.


I always believe there’s a reason for everything. And I always treasure three letters since my childhood.

That is, my GFF


    Photo is taken in New York, USA last 2005.

I believe in God.

I believe in Fate and Destiny.

And I have Faith.


Til next time. Au revoir.


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