I love you mum: Ramon & Jovita (Reblogged)

Valentine’s Day is all about my parents love story.
A very happy birthday to my mother – Jovita Ipanag… I love you mum.. Always..

life's but a journey

World War II started in 1939 and ended up on 1945. During the war emotions are at the weakest while everyone is struggling for survival.

The Philippines have undergone few colonizations and liberalizations:

  • Spanish regime (1521 – 1898)
  • American period (1898 – 1946)
  • Japanese occupation (1942 – 1946)

Ramon and Jovita met during their teenage years within the circa of World War II. In their hometown whilst the country is under the Japanese occupation and war, they fell in love.

Jovita is arranged by her parents to a man who is capable of raising family. She was only in her teens. Ramon’s family is not well to do but he is determined to accomplish for a better life. However, during the war, the primal duty is to survive and bring the family to safety. They were not able to complete their education. Ramon finished primary school that is until 6th…

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