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Food Blog Singapore: Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice (Mei Chin Road)

Chicken rice is one of the all time favorite dish in Singapore.

During my first visit to Singapore while implementing an IT project last 2004, my Singapore counterparts have introduced me to this dish. Later on I see myself getting hooked on eating chicken rice.

Chicken rice preparation involves boiling the entire chicken from the chicken and bone stock. The rice is cooked from the chicken stock as well. However, the chicken stock used for the rice cooking is different from the former chicken stock. The stock used for rice cooking involves production of oily chicken stock to make the rice rich in flavor.

There are a lot of known best chicken rice shops in Singapore. One of them is the Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice which I came to know due to my colleagues – Jeffrey & Chee Yong. Previously, this chicken rice shop is located in Margaret Drive. The shop has then relocated and is now posted in Mei Ling Market and Food Centre in Mei Chin Road.

Coming from Queensway Road, Mei Chin Road is before reaching Alexandra Road.

At the Alexandra junction is IKEA. If you see Ikea, and you’re coming from Queensway, it simply means you missed Mei Chin Road. Lol.

This is Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice shop at Mei Ling Market and Food Centre.

This is Sin Kee’s Chicken Rice. As of this writing, the solo chicken rice cost SGD 3.00. White chicken rice is offered by Sin Kee. I believe they do not serve other than which chicken rice.

One of the good combination of chicken rice is the hawker center’s home-made Ice Lemon Tea.

Sin Kee Famous chicken rice also serves porridge. I haven’t tried the porridge offering; probably one of the upcoming days I can taste the famous porridge.

Til next time. Au revoir.

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