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Break Ups And New Beginnings

We’ve all been there before… That unforgettable moment and discussion which usually starts with the magic word…

Baby, I think we need to talk…

And that’s when you get to be stunned… palpitations follow… and then the trembling of the knees…

Regardless of whether you’re at work or just plain sleeping.. you can predict what’s to come when the magic words are popped out from Pandora’s box.

That scene is familiar?

Of course it is… its when we got dumped and there’s no way to undo the scene (though time travels if it is even real would be really helpful to alleviate the excruciating pain).

Why does a relationship breaks?

You keep on reminiscing the past and your shortcomings. You wished that the last argument that you had you didn’t say anything to hurt the other party’s ego. And then you start to beg to reconsider of getting another chance with the relationship.

When the other party says no.. You realized how valueless you are… The reality of being alone will start to sink in… That’s when you start to:

1. You start to become a Whatsapp terrorist by sending thousands of messages to your ex.

2. Some would start the drunk dialing (Man, this can be pathetic move but it does happen).

3. Some would do the drunk home visits (This is more pathetic than Item 2 but this can be reality).

4. Some would pose some threat such as suicide, suicide attempts, self inflict cuts, etc.

5. Some will stay in the hospital for few days due to heart failure. Some people can’t handle emotional tensions which can lead to a farewell in life.

Now this is the time when family and friends will come to rescue you in order to overcome the breakup. But no matter how you wallow, there is always the ponder and going back to the old memory lane.

Why did break up happen in the first place?

Surely somewhere, somehow, things have deviated from its happy beginning. Expectations haven’t met. Priorities clash. Until the world collides. Everything is just numb.

Well, realizing it, break up never happened over night. There’s that deep reason behind the cover up arguments. Most of the time, the reason that were given during the break up moment is the sugar coated explanations to make the break up… well valid…

If you got dumped… Well sad to say, you were the one who lost yourself in the relationship. You invested so much in the relationship that you lost your identity and self worth. You deviated from the inner you. It sounded not fair but I guess the reality is that it is true.

You shed tears and red wine became your ally. Consider yourself lucky when your best friend is there for you and listen to your crying and whining for hours! Because the reality is, the other party will never come back.

Looking on the bright side, break ups is the opportunity for you to rethink. What could you have done in the process? Why did the sweaty palms and the sudden heart sink just died in the process?

Once you figure out your short comings and the mistakes that you did that’s when you learned your lessons. That’s the beauty of break ups. It is painful but it is the learning process that’s worthwhile.

Because the thing is, when the tears run dry. You’re ready to smile. You learned your lessons. And now you’re willing to embrace again. And that’s when a worth while person will come along. (wink).

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Til next time. Au revoir.

3 thoughts on “Break Ups And New Beginnings”

  1. Break ups are always hard, or so iv heard.. I myself have never actually experienced it.. But this post is really interesting..Great advice on the smile coming when the tears run out.. 🙂

    1. Yeah.. Breakups aren’t easy and that is coming from my experience. And the only effective way to handle it is to accept that things are over and move on. No matter how hard it is.

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