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Sexaholics – Are You One Of Them?

Some of us has already come across the word “Sexaholic or Sexaholics”, a term that correlates to sexual fixation. A fix to addiction via sexual activities.

Like any other addiction, a sexaholic behaves the same; when the urge starts to kick in, the sexual fix needs to be satisfied.

Though the sexaholic statistics still remains a mystery, most of the known sexaholics are from the male gender. Yes. Men. I believe it boils down on how the male species are genetically wired and how men and women are being perceived by the society. Famous names who were rumored to be under the treatment of sex addictions were: Tiger Woods, David Duchovny, Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen, among others.

How can a person become a sexaholic? 

The difference between sex addiction and the other variations of addictions (drugs and alcohols) is the method of acquisition. Drug and alcohol addiction would involve a certain threshold and a dependency to an object. It all starts with small amounts of drugs (cough syrup, heroin, etc) until the tolerance increases and addiction kicks in.

Sexual addiction on the other hand does not involve tolerance and no dependency either. Sexual desires emanates from the brain. A desire can lead to a strong sexual fantasy and the search for sexual partners kicks in. Sexual partners can be anyone, it can even lead to paying dominatrices. There is no object dependencies in this manner; for sexual addiction, it is all in the a person’s mind.

In this sense, there is a fine line between sexual addiction and the regular sexual desires. Sexual desires become sexaholism will all depend on the reasons why sexual activities satisfy the cravings or the fix. For a sexaholic, when the sexual cravings are satisfied, he/she becomes a better person, accepted, everything becomes a better world. The same cravings will happen again and the same satisfaction is justified.

Most common cause of sexaholism is depression, a struggle within a person’s internal self when a person feels rejection. Like any other addiction, the basic need of approval and acceptance is still the core of a sexaholic’s wants, needs, and desires.

Sexaholism is all about the person and the society. Unfortunately, there are norms, culture, and tradition that is being shaped by society and the judgement to sexaholics can become a downside to a sexaholic’s acceptance of the problem and the acceptance to undergo therapy or medication.

How can you tell if you’re a sexual addict?

There are various societal groups that are willing to help for sexaholics recovery. An alternative and probably the best way is to speak to a psychologist or your shrink.

Online quizzes are also available in order for a person to recognize if there’s a hint of sexual addiction:

Everyone deserves second chances. Recovering from sexaholism is more challenging as it requires a mind and self control. However, it still begins with acceptance of the problem and moving on to recovery with a healthy and happy support system.

While most of us lives in accordance and acceptance by society, we must understand, accept and support those loved ones whom undergone a cop-out, or even a Freudian cop-out.

Til next time. Au revoir.


– Various citations. Please contact the author.

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