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Along Came You

A day before the Valentine’s month ended, it is but a ponder to express our feelings.

Though life and future brings a lot of uncertainties and questions, there’s always that moment that you will cherish for something and someone to think with.

Here’s a poem of thanks I created for that somebody whom I think about and frequently missed:


Along Came You

(by Chic Pencil)


Each night ’tis your name whisper

before my eyes close to sleep,

Wishing when I woke up

thine face is beside mine,

As by surprise we found each other

and sparkle like wine,

Merry roses glistened

as we caressed the summer sheep.


Many wonders love brings

as we whisper flowers bloom,

But alas it is stained

by people’s greed and loom,

Four years of sleep is over

of maturity and self healing,

Stars allowed and fate abide

for purity and keeping.


In the merriment of circumstances

our existence perceived,

In the midst of crossroads

a chance for paths to meet,

I thank heavens for allowing

such person as you,

To come and walk in discreet

in bringing the reason to believe.


A big thanks for mine found

in the fast pace of life,

Along came you…


I always believed that people comes and they will always go in our lives. They always play a role and lessons to reflect with. However it is the footprints they left and will leave behind is what varies. In the constant changes in life, it is always that feeling of affection which gives us the motivation to our journey.

Here’s one of the band from home singing one of my fave songs. The music video is a bit crazy as the band is known to be the alternative cool in their songs.


Life is like a car traveling in roads. At night we wouldn’t see what the road looks like as the world is at dim. However we have the head light of the car which guides our way. It’s like the faith and hope that we carry and we have the love that we always cherished.  ~ Chic Pencil

And another song which didn’t fade even two decades has passed. Currently reflects me after the recovery from a rather painful relationship almost five years ago, jumping back to a relationship will need some time. I would rather enjoy the view of my current journey of life.

Til next time. Au revoir.



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