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In The Midst Of It All

The Arab world has always been perceived as oil producing region. Majority of the information that were available is based on their Muslim religion.

In terms of global competitiveness, the Arab world is not left behind. Qatar being the leader in competitiveness was followed by Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and Oman in the economic and infrastructure readiness.

Most of us do not know much of the Arab world especially their culture and music. While in Asia and the rest of the world, music is influenced by Western and the rising of Bollywood music and mixes.

It is rather interesting that in the Middle East, the genre of hip-hop is starting to top the charts.

Controversial as it seems, and probably tough to breakthrough, hip-hop may not be easily accepted for conservative countries. However, music is always the art of expressing the feelings and emotions. It is the universal language where people opens up their world; it is the language of hope, peace and reunification.

Army of One is the hip-hop group from Kuwait whose lyrics and rhythms are very interesting. After listening to their music, it is no doubt they have breakthrough the challenges they face in terms of traditions and norms.

Here are my two favorites from Army of One:

  • Loosing Myself

  • Just Wanna Know



Without music, life would be a mistake.

~ Friedrich Nietzsche


In the midst of it all, music is the language to my soul. It is a limitless expression, it is an art.

~ Chic Pencil



A special thanks to ‘Arab Face’ for introducing his band (Army of One) and their songs.


Til next time. Au revoir.

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