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Online. Dating. Reality.

Today, the internet has become a commodity; majority of us cannot live without. Infocomm infrastructure has evolved tremendously during the last decade.

While the slumped economy happened since 2008 and Iceland filed the country bankruptcy, emerging markets such as India and China still survived with healthy economic stature.

Global infocomm infrastructure among countries still compete in order to provide the best framework to service their stakeholders, that is, their customers. Cloud computing is unstoppable and is strong in providing its benefit to both the B2B (Business-to-business) and B2C (Business-to-consumers) models.

The term ‘online’ these days has always been synonymous with the internet.

Singapore though the geographic area is small has always been competing and leads the Asian continent in terms of infocomm technology. It provides convenience to its residents in our day-to-day online needs. From online shopping, global news, market news, banking, location based services (GPS), and needless to say… dating.

That is, dating. The word that is nearest to our heart.

Though other countries still do not perceive online to be the place to meet that someone or ‘the date’ ; online countries such as Singapore accepts the notion of meeting someone that we bumped-in virtually.

I admire these people who are brave to meet in person those virtual casual chats.

Having been on sabbatical from the dating scene for the past 4 years and having been raised on conservative manner (not a fan of one-night stand), coming back to dating still need some getting used to.

However, dating is a part of single’s life. And that is, the reality. Sometimes we need a longer time to heal wounds and to get to know ourselves more so as to be mature enough when a new relationship comes along.

We have made mistakes in the past. And we learn from those mistakes and still continue living.

But then again, ‘love will always be like perennial as the grass.’ It grows and blossoms from unexpected places. Simple messages can lead to a bond or a friendship or to a relationship.

Though I seldom go online for social interactions, I’m happy as I’m privileged to received messages, notes, a hi-hello, and poems through online interactions.

Wie meine Seele dein Licht fand

Es wandert eine Seele einsam
durch der Dunkelheit Geäst;
Auf einer Suche ohne Ziel,
welches sich niemals greifen lässt.

Und doch: Sie wird fündig! Im Dunkel ein Schein.
Eine wärme, die nicht zu beschreiben.
Doch sieht sie vorbei, beachtet es nicht;
Blind von seinem Treiben.

Das Licht ruft die Seele, die Seele hört weg.
Sie will das Ziel nicht erkennen.
Das Licht strahlt, strahlt unglaublich hell.
Die Seele hat Angst zu verbrennen.

Und so verfehlt die Seele sein Ziel,
treibt weiter im Dunkeln umher;
Auf der Suche nach Glück ohne wissen,
wie Glück zu ergreifen wär’.

Nach Jahren des Treibens, ohne Chance auf ein Ziel
– die falschen hoffnungen leid –
vermisst die Seele das Licht so sehr.
Gefangen in Einsamkeit!

Das Licht strahlt noch heller als jemals zuvor,
von außen gleich wie von innen.
Die Seele findet den Weg zurück;
Will das Licht für sich gewinnen.

Das Ziel ist gefunden, die Angst überwunden;
Seele und Licht sind nun ein Element!
Ein Glück, das über ein Leben hält:
Das ist, was man Liebe nennt!

A special thanks to Amir for giving me this poem. March 2010. Though meeting in person didn’t happen, I’m thankful for the thoughts, the gestures, for everything.

And to you who is reading this, It is my wish that you will search the right companion – getting to know one another, falling in love. A risk of getting to know a person can sometimes lead to a lifetime. However, we have to brave in facing and accepting the weaknesses and short comings of the person we choose.

The more we’re brave, the more we love.

Ponder. This is me.

Online or virtual are being used by a lot of people for all the wrong reasons.

However, I learn that no matter how jungle it appears to be, there are still people we met online that is worth investing time.

That is, reality…

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Til next time. Au revoir.

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