A Walk In The Clouds

I remember my childhood days when everything is simple. I only crave to have a good meal, wishing there’s chicken, pork, or beef in my mom’s cooking, eat at least three times a day and play with my friends.

Primary school is all about theories, play with child games, and develop some crushes. I guess I’m an early bloomer. But with the crushes, there’s always the achievement to be the best in the class and bring honor medals to my parents. We started to create our own slam book and hoping that our crush will actually fill up and answer the questions posed so we would know what he or she wants and likes and who is his or her crush. We even jump with joy and shout with a pillow once we found out that feelings are mutual.

Secondary school or what we call high school is all about fun and development. The talents will start to emerge. Some of us are good writers, some are good in acting, some are good in science and inventions, some starts to develop their leadership skills. Crushes will develop into first loves and official relationships. The Junior and Senior Prom night can be the most memorable to most of us. Some have their first kiss at this stage. Secrets are developed and some of us cracked like an eggshell sometimes.

College and University days are the realization of dreams. Some of us are lucky to proceed with the study that we wanted since childhood. Some others have no choice but to follow what the family wants us to be. This case is me. But there were no regrets as I enjoyed all my achievements. My family and my friends made my life worth living.

When we start to work is when we start to have ambitions. We see ourselves who we want us to be in the upcoming years. Some of us dream big and were able to succeed. Some of us fail. Some of us are struggling. Some are happy. Some are not. We pay our taxes. We start to dream of having our own car, house, family. Yes. Settling down.

We settle down when we met THE ONE. THE ONE who makes us laugh during the rainy days. THE ONE who give us the inspiration to continue even if situations fail us. THE ONE who is always there on our side listen to our whining, fight with the remote control, challenge our ideas, cuddle and snuggle, intimacy, and all those petty fights — pillow flight, toilet arguments, etc.

How do we know that the person on our side right now is THE ONE? Are there clues? Do we rely on our feelings? Or is it because we are in the settling age so currently he or she is THE ONE? Is THE ONE your soulmate?

No one can foretell the future. And if we are a part of the majestic plan, then I will let it be. Everything happens for a reason.

    Photo taken at New York, USA last 2005.

All of us still continue our journey. People come, people go and some of them come back to our lives. I guess in order for us to be happy is to embrace with smile all the things that happened and will happen.

Til next time. Au revoir.

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